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White Shadow  [2012]


Commissioned by Tactus Percussion Ensemble

Opus number: EH.18

For : six Percussion players

First performance: Marmand, France, 2012,

Vacances Percutantes

Tactus Percussion Ensemble

Duration: ca. 15 min.

Discography: KAIROS











White Shadow - Ensemble TaCTuS
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White Shadow for six percussion players

The first movement is a complex fantasia, contrasted by the second movement which uses exclusively sounds of metallophones. The rhythmic element, so immanent in percussion, is featured in the work’s finale. The enigmatic title – white shadow, an oxymoron – dictates a metaphorical interpretation of the work. Like on a negative, the shadow from Chang’s work emits light, contradicts itself, allowing us to interpret the object by its outlines. The application of rare and original instrumental combinations, which betray a rich style of composition and instrumentation, is not readily obvious. This technique allows additional levels to be depicted and interpreted on a more profound level. - Dariusz Przybylski


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