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The Unification of The Four Elements  [2008]


1st Prize at the II International Competition for Composition I.J


Opus number: EH.6

For: Piano solo

First performance: Piano: Michał Szymanowski, Final round concert of I.Paderewski competition

Sala Koncertowa im. prof. Romana Sucheckiego, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Duration: ca. 13 min.

Discography: Requiem Records/DUX





The Unification of the four elements - Kyeonyeon Seo
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The Unification of the Four Elements

Unification of four elements for piano was composed in 2007 when I was under the influence of impressionists and postimpressionists, such as Scriabin, Ravel, Szymanowski.

I was especially inspired by Szymanowski's suite "Mask" for piano solo. I tried to combine various chords and harmonies with the perspective of looking at various colors, like in impressionism. It was expressed by the abundant resonance of piano with tremolo and low base notes.

The title of this work brings about an anecdote. When I composed this piece, I did not think much about the title. I was just going to write "Piece for Piano" because it always gives to audience a chance to put there their own feelings and emotions. However, when I was dreaming that night, I saw some scenes showing nature, flowing like panoramas and referring to four elements. That is how the title came about. Sometimes, when I focus much on my work or when I am thinking about it a lot, it comes back also in my dreams. My dreams become the extension of my work.

This work won the 1st prize in the 2nd International Ignacy Paderewski composition competition, and premiered during the final round.

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