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Suite Nori-II mov. - Eunho Chang, Kyeongyeon Seo
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Suite NORI  [2015]


Opus number: EH.39

For : One piano four hands

First performance : Paino: Eunho Chang, Kyeongyeon Seo,

Recording session, Warsaw, Poland 2017

Duration: ca. 10 min.

Discography: Requiem Records/DUX































Suite NORI for one piano four hands

Suite Nori for piano four hands is a set of four hands piano suites, composed for piano students and young piano players in the intermediate classes to make them more familiar with modern music. Since 2013, I have been receiving more work requests. Sometimes, it may be troublesome since I have to cope with different musical tastes, different types of concerts and different audience’s expectations. For example, a few years ago, I went to a contemporary music festival the aim of which was to introduce modern music to children. There were four instruments that the players presented by playing various sounds to children. The techniques they used were relatively sophisticated, but their objective was to show children a sound effect rather than an abstract concept. Consequently, even though the public did not know a lot about the modern music, they were able to feel “the joy of sounds”.

I tried to use this method in my “Suite Nori for piano four hands”. "The bond of contemporary music" is the central goal of this work. The work has eight unique themes and is a suite of eight miniature pieces, each representing a unique musical metaphor. Movement motifs lead the piece in a brief and expressive way with just one or two musical elements:

No.1 is "Cannon Sound". The aim was to depict a scene in which a flute sound imitated like hits a cannon’ fuse, which brings fire to the cannon. We hear the sound of the cannon’s bang which lasts for a while.

No.2 is “Raindrop sound”. The first player plays the melodies in the middle-high register (the pattern is free) while the second player imitates the rain sound with pizzicato on the high register strings.

"No.3 is "Will-o'-the-wisp". It depicts a scene in which a will-o’-the-wisp appears in mountains at night.” The second player mutes the strings with left hand, using a slightly percussive sound and makes a tremulous feeling using the tremolo.

No.4 is “Snoring”. You must have heard the sound of your father's snoring when you were a child. Firstly, the snoring sound is expressed by scratching on the bass note string with a finger nail or coin. Secondly, the semitone pitch in the treble is supposed to render the sound similar to blowing.

No.5 is "Valley of birds". I tried to express the sound of birds’ singing with a simple rhythm pattern of high notes.

No.6 is “Calm Ocean”. It is centered on the A-note representing the horizon, and repeatedly uses one theme to remind us a serene ocean.

No.7 is “Shadow”. The first player is shadowed by the second player. From the very beginning, the first player starts to play and the second player follows him/her. As time passes, the second player continues to follow the first, but at one moment he/she goes ahead of the first player and the piece finishes.

No.8 is “Line”. The first player plays the lyrical line while the second player plays a half-muted harmonics sound, like a bell sound.

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