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String Quartet no.1 [2008]


2nd Prize at The 5th Jurgenson International Competition for

Composition (1st and 3rd prizes has not been awarded) Russia

Opus number: EH.8

For: Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Violoncello

Duration: ca. 19 min.

First performance: Concert Finalists

Rachmaninov Hall in Tchaikovsky in Moscow, Russia 2009

Ensemble Studio for New Music Russia





















String Quartet no.1 

1st. movement

The oil painting's thick, rich, and strong feeling, has been expressed by one's own fantasy in the form of various music forms, amidst thick notes.

2nd. movement

This describes the artist's brush stokes on the painting. The crude, yet light touches are expressed through string instruments. A dance-like phrase has been added to enhance the liveliness of the piece.

3rd. movement

I have described my feelings as I gazed at the scenery of La Nuit Etoilee. The bright, warm orange and light yellow colors is the main point of attraction amongst the dark navy and black background. The bright center is the reason for warmth during a cold night. The dark cold colors are expressed as harmonics, and the colors representing the warm starlight are expressed in perfect chords of D,E all throughout the piece.

There are numerous tough passages in performing this piece, making it extremely difficult to play every note perfectly. Therefore, if there are other difficult passages in each part, besides those intended by the composer, it is alright to perform the notes and phrases in an impromptu version, upon the discretion of the performer, to fit the ambience of the given passage.

Each is to perform as if part of Gogh's painting. All the performers of each part must perform as in an ensemble, to replicate the blending of an oil painting (in which the picture cannot be distinguished from a close-up view, but becomes obvious from a distance). In the same manner, each performer must find his/her own color from within the unified group.

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