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Scratches of the Wind Album Cover.jpg

Scratches of the Wind
Solo flute music from the Pacific Rim

1 Nirmali Fenn: Scratches of the Wind (6:08)
2 Alfredo Santa Ana: Notgnirrac (8:25)
3 Eunho Chang: Sanjo III (10:29)
4 Ramsey Sadaka: O-hisa (10:33)
5 Chun-Ju Yen: Invisible Wings (8:00)
6 Chris Kovarik: At the Apartment on Broughton Street (6:11)
7 Rósa Lind Page: courbe dominante (12:33)

Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute & alto flute

Redshift Music TK500

released November 3, 2021


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