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Punkt Line  [2016]


Opus number: EH.44

For : Piano

First performance : Letni wieczór premier płytowych, Nowy Świat Muzyki, Warszawa, 2017

Piano: Eunho Chang

Duration: ca. 10 min.

Discography: Requiem Records/DUX



Punkt Line for piano solo

Punkt Line for piano solo is my latest work composed in 2016 to express points and lines in an abstract way. Repetitive rhythm patterns represent points thanks to staccato and certain notes, while radical figuration or slow melodies embody lines. Points and lines are contrasted and the composition progresses. The repeating figuration of the high register and the lyrical melody in the middle of the work can also be seen as a way of expressing lines.

Punkt Line for piano solo - Eunho Chang
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