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Pattern  [2014]


Commissioned by Wrocław philharmony, Ensemble Kwartludium

Dedicated to Ensemble Kwartludium

Opus number: EH.31

For : Violin, Clarinet, Percussion, Hammond organ, Piano

First performance : Musica Polonica Nova in Wrocław

Ensemble Kwartludium

Hammond Organ: Dariusz Przybylski

Duration: ca. 9 min.

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Discography: Requiem Records/DUX


Project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland within the programme „Collections” – the priority „Composers’ Commissions” implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.

















Pattern for ensemble

Korean Buddhist temples undeniably serve as perfect examples of the original Asian art of the last centuries. The sculptures found in these temples were often created by the best artists and they hugely impress their admirers with details, meticulous finish and the beauty enclosed in their harmonious lines, in their perfect forms.
The Korean traditional art of decorative colouring of temples, referred to in the Korean language as dancheong, is particularly outstanding. The term refers to ornamental paintings on wooden buildings and describes the style too.  It is based on five colours: blue (east), white (west), red (south), black (north) and yellow (centre).  The way these colours are used as patters indicates the value of the particular building and the social status of if owners.

In my composition for five instruments, I would like to assign certain colours to each of them: violin – red; clarinet – yellow; percussion – blue, piano – black and finally, the Hammond organ - white. These colours will inspire the linear sequence of certain layers in the composition. Each instrument taken individually will present its typical features, which will be visible separately only when contrasting against other instrumental parts, similarly to the way the individual dancheong colours stand out in harmony with the total composition of a piece of art.

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