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Natura for orchestra [2016]


Opus number: EH.42

For : 2/2/2/2/ 4/2/2/1/ 4 timpani/ 2 percussions/ 6/6/4/4/2

First performance : 

Organized by Arts Council Korea

Duration: ca. 18 min.



Usually my work is to find a lot of motifs from the most natural phenomenon. Especially I like to express feel in natural phenomenon intuitively. Also always I admire and appreciate the greatness of nature. In this piece expressed the greatness and beauty of nature in my own perspective.


I. Victoria Falls "Water"

"I want to feel the vast sight and intensity"

ca. 6 min.


II. Intermezzo “Stars of Tears”

"Shining little star in the loneliness night"

ca. 6 min.


III. Volcano "Fire" 

"Overwhelmed force, the power of nature" 

ca. 7 min.

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