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Moment  [2020-2022]

Opus number: EH.59

For : Large orchestra

(3333/4331/timpani, 2 per./harp/P.f.-celesta/8/8/6/5/4) 

Duration: ca. 20 min.

First performance : 



The moment is between the past and the future, and we feel this emotion of "the moment now" and recall it forever. We cherish, remember, and reminisce these moments as the eternal present meaning.

People think of certain moments with various senses. For example, the taste and aroma of wine that we enjoyed together on the beach at sunset, the sounds of music or the conversation sounds we heard at the moment.

Moment for orchestra was intended to intuitively express these moment memories as sounds.

In this work, I tried to express various moments in a variety of ways in a panoramic and auditory manner. The sounds of random brushed, the sounds of faint moments heard as the radio frequency is turned, the moments of calm and static reverberations, the uncontrollable excitement and exciting moments.

When I was working on the work, I did not plan a concrete form, but rather focused on the sounds that came up at that moment in accordance with the flow of consciousness. Sounds and elements are composed of independent ones that are not related. The elements are used in very short units, or very long and decorated like a big epic. And in the memories that have been heard at various meaningful moments I experienced, the distorted sounds are expressed more metaphorically.

The ultimate goal I hope is through this work, you could feel the moments in your memories that transcend each other's time from the many jumbled sounds.


                                                                                                        -This information published officially on 21 of December, 2021-

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