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Fantasia Luminosité  [2010/2011] 


Grand Prix of 30th Queen Sofia Prize in Barcelona, Spain 2013

Opus number: EH.16

For: Violin solo, (2222/4221/2per./harp/str.12/10/8/6/4)

Duration: ca. 16 min.

First performance: XXX Queen Sofia’s Prize for Music

Composition winning concert

Teatro Monumental in Madrid, Spain, October 2013

the Spanish Radio-television Symphonic Orchestra

Conducted by Carlos Kalmar

Violin solo: Kristof Barati

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Fantasia Luminosité

Fantasia Luminosite for Violin solo and orchestra stands for two meanings: “Fantasia” for orchestra part with epic expressions for lyrical and powerful energy, and “Luminosite” for the image of a violin solo player playing advanced techniques in splendidly.

The violin solo part requires highly technical styles worthy of the name of concerto carried by exhaustively fundamental string technique rather than contemporary techniques. The orchestra not only assists violin solo but also create overall unity of the musical work by means of sonority with various colors and characteristic themes of orchestra itself.

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