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Linear Patterns  [2016]



Opus number: EH.21

For : flute, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, piano.

Premiere: Asian Composers Showcase-Goethe Institute, Tongyeong International Music Festival, Korea. 2018

Ensemble TIMF

Duration: ca. 16 min.



Linear Patterns-Extract - Ensemble TIMF
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Linear Patterns

Linear virtuosity and abstract beauty: flute and bass clarinet are, in other words, a fascinating beauty. The height of beauty, expressed with one fascinating line and harmony with other instruments, is like a scent that makes this fascination even brighter. The most important things in understanding this piece are, first, the acoustic sonority and resonance from the horizontal and vertical perspectives of sound; and, secondly, that instead of a musical flow issuing from a single style such as development, contradiction, modification or other devices, it is based on changing ambiguous states, vague boundaries, complex tones, and momentary feelings and atmospheric effects, similar to those of Impressionism.

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