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le Café  [2013]


Commissioned by Royaumont

Opus number: EH.26

For : 2 Sopranos

First performance : Royaumont concert series, Royaumont,

France, 2013

Text by Eunho Chang (in English)

Soprano I: Helene Walter, Soprano II: Angele Chemin

Duration: ca. 10 min.

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le Café

The contemporary techniques in this piece “le Café” is aesthetically not serious but light and humorous.

So, anyone can easily understand the plot of the piece even though it is expressed using various methods ranging from general vocal techniques (singing normal tone voice with vocalization) to contemporary ones (text variation, various voice tones, extended instrumental of voice technique).

Theatrical elements marked on the score just suggest a general idea of the piece. Each player can sing and act freely after comprehending the work.

Le Cafe is a short satirical work which depicts a woman who dates two men at once and another woman who got dumped by her ex-boyfriend.

This work is divided into four parts. The introduction informs the start of the work by expressing the conversation between the two women.

The first movement is about Sop.1 who boasts to her friend about the present she got from her boyfriend.

In the second movement, while sop.2 tells Sop.1 about her ex-boyfriend and how she feels about the break-up, she figures out that her ex-boyfriend is Sop.1’s current boyfriend.

In the third movement starts with a scene of astonishing Sop.1. The resigned Sop.2 sings with a sense of loss in a heavy tone. Sop.1 asks Sop.2 to take revenge on the man together. After Sop.1 and 2 discuss a plan to take revenge on the man. However, Sop.2 is very nervous to see Ricardo who arrived in the café. Unable to hold back her anger, she strikes down to Ricardo's head with Sop.1’s bag very strongly, then Sop.1 shocked to see fallen Ricardo, Sop.2 can’t control her mind.

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