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Kaleidoscope II  [2017]

Opus number: EH.47

For : flute (incl. picc, mezzo fl, bass fl.), oboe, clarinet (incl. bass cl.), bassoon (incl. contra bsn.), horn in F, trumpet in C, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello and contrabass 

Duration: ca. 15 min.

First performance : 





Kaleidoscope II for large ensemble

The composition consists of five movements that are contrasted with each other. Interestingly, the contrast is also present in their stylistics and composition techniques used, and so in the opening part we find references to punctuality, new complexity, but also find unexpected quotes from classical music, or a kaleidoscope in the whole form! We will also hear echoes of traditional Korean music "Suejecheon" piercing here and there, adding the whole oriental flavor. The second movement uses the traditional Korean style of ornamentation, which can be noticed in the complex melody and complex rhythm. This fragment is an extensive crescendo, a long breath of tam-tam from pianissimo to fortissimo. For the relaxation of the atmosphere, the composer introduces the third movement in the form of a jazz solo double bass intermezo, accompanied by a flute, piano and percussion. Fourth movement, dedicated to Györgi Ligeti, and as the composer himself admits - inspired by his "Chamber Concerto", uses numerous virtuoso figurations in individual instrumental parts. The dynamics were achieved by repeating melodic figures, used in micropolifonic counterpoints, defined by the creator as very delicate, like flowing water, feeling snowy. The finale of the work, maintained in the classic form of ABA, presents the dynamics of the used instrumentation. - Dariusz Przybylski

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