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Graffiti  [2015]


Commissioned by Varsoviae Regii Cantores

Opus number: EH.38

For : Two choirs, Flute, Harp, Multi-Percusion

First performance : Dominika Catholic Church 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Conductor: Joanna Maluga

Two Choirs: Varsoviae Regii Cantores, Alla Polacca Chamber Choir

Flute: Seweryn Zapłatyński

Harp: Zuzanna Elster

Percussion: Leszek Lorent

Duration: ca. 30 min.

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Project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland within the programme „Collections” – the priority „Composers’ Commissions” implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.





















Graffiti  for two choirs, flute, harp and multi percussion 
Graffiti piece was commissioned by the Association of VRC and will be the main highlight of the concert. Composer attempts to express the genre of graffiti through the development and application of a special compositional technique. Each of the many short parts of the work (as each of the individual "gestures" making musical graffiti), will have its distinct characteristic trait in terms of extended performance techniques.
In the vocal layer only single words will be used known from Warsaw graffitis, and even single syllables or sounds. Different techniques of handling voice will range from aggressive to subtle and will include rap among others. Instrumental layer will be based on a variety of sound effects, to musically illustrate the phenomenon of graffiti creation, as well as its specific role in the public space.

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