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Gohok  [2012/3]


Finalist “68th Geneva Competition

Opus number: EH.25

For : Solo Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello

First performance : Finalist concert, Geneva competition,

Geneva, Swiss

Solo Flute: Felix Renggli
the Ensemble Contrechamps

Duration: ca. 16 min.

Discography: KAIROS























Gohok - Fascination


We desire to experience

Sensation of softness and a curve

Unity with all behaviors

A thrill in the deepest part of our brains

Giving off a violet scent

A deadly beauty…….

Flute solo is, in other words, a fascinating beauty. The height of beauty expressing with one fascinating line and harmony with other instruments are like a scent that makes this fascination even brighter.

This piece is divided into 3 parts. The first part starts with flute solo and afterwards, when combines with other instruments, it is developed into a concept of an ensemble rather than a solo. The second part may give an impression of an extension of the first part. However, the ensemble is led revolving around the flute solo. Stereotypic motto is played by some instruments to maintain the unity of this piece. The third part is played with several distinctive elements, for example, over blowing style of flute, glissando of String part and inside the piano plays pizzicato on strings.

In general, in the way of developing the piece, it uses the method of repeatedly playing certain elements in accordance with the musical flow rather than progressing and changing some of the existing themes to let the listeners have their perception. Thus, the most important things in understanding this piece is first the acoustic sonority and resonance from the horizontal and vertical perspectives of sound. Secondly, instead of musical flow from a sole style such as development, contradiction, modification, or other factors it is based on changing ambiguous status, vague boundary, complex tone, and instant feeling and environment, which are similar to that of impressionism.

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