Festival  [2009]


1st prize, Special prize, Public prize at the VP 2011 Composition Competition


2nd prize, The 6th Jurgenson International Competition for


Composition, 2011


Opus number: EH.9


For: 6 Percussion players


Duration: ca. 9 min.


First performance: Concert du concours de compositions -


Creations Auditorium du Lycee Val de Garonne in Paris, France, 2011











Festival for 6 percussion players

This piece is inspired from the Korean traditional festival "DANO"

Dano festival was a shamanistic ritual worshipping the sky deity in celebration of the end of sowing season. According to historical texts, the people of Mahan confederacy celebrated day and night with dancing and singing after the sowing season in May.

Like this traditional festival shows the singing, rhythm, outing games and so on.

So I describe that singing, dancing, rhythm be played by 6 percussion players. And I also describe about their happiness, sadness, composure and the landscape of festival.

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