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Phenomenon [2017/18]

Opus number: EH.34

For:  Orchestra (2/2/2/2/ 4/3/3/1/ harp/ 3 percussions/ Strings)

First performance: 

Final round, International Composition Competition for the Centenary of the Society of Authors ZAiKS, Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by Adam Sztaba, Poland, 2018

Duration: ca. 17 min.


Phenomenon for orchestra

Sensory expression of numerous phenomena,

Exquisite harmony of vertical and horizontal structure!

The Phenomenon for orchestra is a combination of colorful sound and using the melodic and harmonic structure of the initial EHC from my name EunHo Chang.

In this work, expressed the sensual and lyrical solo instrument’s melodies and the combination of poetic and mysterious orchestration. In addition, the powerful and impactful tutti contrasts with the delicate and elegant solo instruments phrases, enhancing the perfection of this work.

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