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Chamber works

My music, simply put, is to express the sound of nature in

a combination of various tones.

These sounds instantly mix harmoniously and appear as complex second dimensional reverberations of abstract sounds. 

– Eunho Chang


Arditti Quartet, Ensemble TaCTuS, 

Ensemble Contrechamps, Divertimento Ensemble

This album, containing the String Quartet No. 2, White Shadow, Gohok, Panorama from 2011 - 2015 represents Eunho Chang´s excellent mastery of composition technique in terms of chamber music. The work String Quartet no. 2  draws its inspiration from a traditional Korean painting. White Shadow is written for a complex percussion ensemble was commissioned by Ensemble TaCTuS. Gohok which means in Korean „fascination“ is a composition from 2013 for solo flute and five instruments. In Panorama the artist again undertakes a descriptive theme of beauty and reminds one of Giacinto Scelsi´s late works. 


Eunho Chang explores the “micro-possibilities” of individual instruments in a sublime manner, experiments with them,

and proceeds to arrange the technical possibilities artistically in order to obtain an immaculate, original sound.

- Dariusz Przybylski


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