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Five Bagatells  [2010]


Opus number: EH.12

For: Flute, Multi percussion and Cello

First performance: Concert of the Composition Faculty

F.Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland, 2014

Duration: ca. 10 min.

Flute: Ania Cwiek-Karpowicz, Percussion: Leszek Lorent

Cello: Can Kehri, Condunted by: Jarosław Praszczałek























Five Bagatells

Five Bagatells is divided consist of 5 five movements, and it shows each movement shows characteristic elements.

Expressing different elements in five movements, helps to connect between each movement with using the D, G sharp and C sharp chord (bar number – 5) of the Vibraphone sound in whole movements by repeating for the unity of the piece.

The first, and fifth movements and the second, and fourth movements expressed show similar progress in terms of structure. It means that compose In other words, the piece has a symmetric structure.  of the entire movement.

The first movement focused focuses on each instrument's individual progress and vertical ensemble structure[HL3]  for expressing in order to present the overall sound effects with variety instrumental technique.

The second movement tried to express expresses very aggressive, active sound by fast tempo, to useusing the high register in flute part and cello part. Also, in percussion part metal instruments (Gong, Tam-tam etc.) are mainly used in the percussion part the mainly metal instruments (Gong, Tam-tam etc.) to show produce the sharp and rich sound.

The third movement, unlike to the second movement, expressed has very slow tempo and long breath phrases. In this movement use the klangfarbenmelodie. Klangfarbenmelodie is used in this movement. It expresses variety various sound tone colors between of instruments to changeby changing the very subtle tone colors very subtly.

The fourth movement used develops using percussive sounds with of flutes (keyclick,.) and cellos (col legno batutto,.),. then in In the middle of this movement (bar number - 84), express the radical situation appear the second movement’s rapid scales with in fast tempo appears again to produce a rapid scene. in the second movement. 

The fifth movement process progresses mainly by A natural note with played by the cCello part. As like Like the first movement, this movement also process progresses focusing on the overall ensemble structurein ensemble’s structure.

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